What a Creep Season 21, Episode 9: Hilaria Baldwin with special guest Kristen Meinzer of Daily Fail

Sonia Mansfield is still in Ireland having the time of her life, but fear not cohorts–we have an excellent special guest to help us call out some Creeps! Kristen Meinzer (How To Be Fine / Daily Fail / By The Book / Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen Author, So You Want to Start a Podcast / How to Be Fine) discusses one of our most confounding subjects. Hilaria Baldwin was a popular yoga instructor in NYC when she met and married one of our Creep subjects, Alec Baldwin.

Between posting intricate (and lingerie-heavy) poses on Instagram and appearing on several shows as a Spanish cooking expert, something lurked underneath her heavy accent (“How you say, ‘cucumber?”) and European. She was a Boston girl named Hilary Hayward Thomas who was making up a whole persona.

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