About Margo & Sonia

Margo Donohue

Margo Donohue is the co-host, producer, and editor of a whole slew of podcasts including Book Vs. Movie, the Best Neighbors podcast, the Fit Bottomed Girls podcast, and the Not Fade Away podcast.

She makes her living as a public relations/marketing and social media consultant, and as a part-time fitness instructor. (Creating playlists is one of her superpowers.)

You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Visit her website at BrooklynFitChick.com.

Sonia Mansfield

Sonia Mansfield is a former TV critic and celebrity gossip columnist for the San Francisco Examiner. She also wrote for a lot of entertainment websites that don’t exist anymore, including Cinescape, IF Magazine, and EON Magazine. She pays the bills working as a content strategist.

She also co-hosts the podcast “Old Movies, New Beer,” in which she – you guessed it – drinks beer and talks about old movies with her husband, David Tracy, who is also the producer of the Dorking Out podcast.

You can read her random ramblings at TheSoniaShow.com, follow her on Twitter, and check out her photos on Instagram.

Margo and Sonia also talk about movies on the podcast Dorking Out

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