What a Creep Season 21, Episode 5: Below Deck Down Under & The Biggest Loser

Reality TV is having an awakening right now; Bethenny Frankel announced on her Instagram that she is entering the fight for reality show casts and crews to unionize. She is working with top-notch lawyers Mark Geragos and Bryan Freedman, who sent a letter to NBC that they are planning a class action lawsuit against the network with over 80 people signing on so far to talk about mistreatment while filming Bravo shows for the last 15+ years. This is BIG news.

Today, we are discussing two shows under the NBCUniversal/Bravo umbrella accused of mistreating their casts–Below Deck and The Biggest Loser.

How it is listed on the Bravo page to this day! “Ashton Pienaar Gets In Kate Chastain’s Face After a Question Throws Him Into a Rage. Ashton loses it when Kate asks about his mother.”

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