What a Creep Season 20, Episode 9: Robert Kennedy Jr.,

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is running for President here in the U.S. and is the oldest son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, who was assisted while running for President in 1963. His upbringing was chaotic, and he was known as a “late bloomer” by finding meaning as an environmental activist in the late 1980s. (He had spent much of his teens and twenties having issues with drugs and alcohol.)

After helping to save the Hudson River in New York, he took his ivy league education and gross entitlement as a rich white guy from a famous family to go after vaccines and the false claims they cause autism. Though his position has been discredited MANY times over the last 20+ years–he won’t stop spreading his ill-conceived talking points and bullshit and recently spent over three hours on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about the dangers of WIFI, vaccines, and how HIV and AIDS are not related. This guy is not just a loon–he is giving shelter to COVID deniers and Q-Anon lunatics.

Buckle up, everyone; the misinformation train is running off the rails!

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