What a Creep Season 18, Episode 10: Howard Hughes

An old-timey Hollywood Creep is a longtime fan favorite of this show. We feel it is time to talk about a billionaire who was acclaimed as an original thinker (he honestly was, though) and also one of Hollywood’s most prolific swordsmen.

Howard Hughes either inherited a fortune or grew a nice inheritance (more on that later) at the age of 19 and would go on to be one of the wealthiest people of the 20th Century while also innovating the worlds of business, aviation, real estate, and most notably–motion pictures.
He was also a manipulative, abusive Creep who treated women like trash and was not all that great to anyone who worked for or was related to him. Leonardo DiCaprio played him in the Martin Scorsese film The Aviator and got many of the essential details correct but missed an opportunity to expose his more douchey behavior.

Thankfully–this is what we do here at What a Creep!

Trigger warnings: Sexual assault, coercive control, and general assholery.

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