What a Creep Season 18, Episode 4: Matt Taibbi and media creeps

Matt Taibbi is a journalist who has been described as a “firebrand” and whose writing is reminiscent of gonzo-style writing like the late Hunter S. Thompson (worshipped by white boys since the 1960s.)  In the 1990s, he helped uncover corruption in 1990s Moscow with the paper The eXile (along with a former friend and fellow Creep Mark Ames.)

As a New York-based freelancer, he went from a mouthy opinion writer for the alternative weekly, the New York Press to one of the most celebrated investigative journalists for Rolling Stone winning several awards for excelling in reporting. Featured on everything from Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC  to Bill Maher on HBO and even on Late Night with Seth Meyer

Many people on the left claimed him as one of “theirs” who speaks truth to power with bravado, and some of his best-selling books tackled the financial shenanigans of Goldman Sachs, the idiocy of Congress, the march to the war in Iraq built on shabby evidence, and how the media is dividing Americans. 

Nowadays, he is a popular substack creator who rakes in millions writing about anything he damn well pleases. This is any writer’s dream, but he has seemed to switch from fighting power and corruption to fawning over billionaires and power-mad lunatics like Vladamir Putin. He now writes about Trump being a victim of a press that hates him for no reason and recently was part of the big Twitter reveal from past Creep–Elon Musk. 

So what did he uncover? Why does he feel like a victim of woke culture? We will get into it today. Also, I had an encounter with Matt Taibbi, who did some shitty journalism for a magazine I worked for and maligned me in his column for no fucking reason except he a burr up his ass about a topic he is not an expert on and tried to throw me under the bus. For 20 years, I have been hearing friends tell me how awesome and brave he is, and I have to tell them my story and remind them he is a punk-ass bully with no genuine affection for the topic he covers and just wants to swing his dick around. 

Today I found the article in question and will read it allowed for the first time since 2004. Then I will learn about Taibbi and why he is controversial. Like the tagline for Jaws The Revenge–this time, it’s personal

Trigger warnings: Drug use, sexual assault, 

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