What a Creep Season 14, Episode 1: Canada’s Residential Schools

From 1831 to 1998 North America put seven generations of indigenous people (primarily children) into residential schools to take the culture of First Nation and turn it into a Christian/European society. The Catholic Church was often involved, but the Canadian Government ran some. More than 150,000 children were forcibly taken from their families and sent to overcrowded schools that cut their hair off, changed their names, made them convert to Christianity, exposed them to violence. They were forbidden from speaking in their native language, and when they died it was not reported to authorities. (It’s estimated about 25% died from everything from illness to malnutrition.)

Last year in May 2021, more than 1300 unmarked graves were found at four different former residential schools, which caused the nation to finally come to terms with a national stain that has never really been rectified.

Trigger warnings: child abuse, sexual assault, racism, and cultural genocide. Take care of yourselves while listening.

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