What a Creep Season 13, Episode 7: Frank Sinatra (Replay)

Francis Albert Sinatra is one of the most celebrated vocalists of the 20th Century. He has sold over 150 million records and continues to sell just as well now as he did at the height of his height popularity.

He was known for his blue eyes and velvet voice. He was one of the first teen heartthrobs, a lover of women, a man who would just as soon get into a fight and then hug a person. He was demanding of everyone around him but outside of music & performing—cut himself a lot of slack.

Frank was a loyal friend unless you pissed him off, a good actor if you didn’t ask for too many takes, a lover who expected fidelity and gave none of it back. He was incredibly progressive for his time but used ethnic slurs without care.

Frank ran on all cylinders until he ran out of gas. Then he expected to be treated with kid gloves. He loved his kids but did not spend much time with them. He could be very generous and also hold a grudge for years.

He could be elegant and a total brute. Demanding and then pathetic. He was either a manic depressive or bipolar individual who at times could be a complete and total creep. He is complicated, smart, funny, mean, talented, childish, and ultimately a sad, lonely man who was his own worst enemy.

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