What a Creep Season 12, Episode 4: Cullen Davis

In the 1970s, Cullen Davis was one of the richest men ever charged for murder. He was so wealthy that he was able to outspend the entire State of Texas in his defense. Cullen was said to be the inspiration for JR Ewing of 80s hit TV show Dallas. He also (allegedly) was a cruel, mean, and violent man behind the doors of their mansion.

His acrimonious divorce from Priscilla Davis made all the papers, and on the night of August 2, 1976, he was charged with murdering her 12-year-old daughter, her new boyfriend (Stan Farr,) and injured two others. He was tried several times for different crimes and always seemed to buy his way out of trouble.

In this episode, we will explain why he is a creep, try to bring some awareness to the true victims, and show how it was easy to buy justice back then.

Trigger warnings: Murder, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and animal abuse.

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