What a Creep Season 11, Episode 4: Rachel Hollis

A few short years ago, motivational speaker Rachel Hollis was at the top of her game. Followed by millions on social media with her inspirational message of getting everything you want in life and overcoming poverty and sexism with cheery optimism and a bit of Jesus thrown in.

Married to her only boyfriend with adorable kids and an MLM/speaking business designed to help women to be girl bosses and take accountability in order to overcome shyness, abuse, and even worse—your awful fatness, Rachel was a hit.

Then she released a social media post extolling her desire to no be relatable and her followers took off.

There are dozens of blogs, YouTube channels, Tik Toks devoted to Rachel Hollis and her MLM ilk. Today, I am trying to be an overall perspective on who she is, what she claimed to be, and why it all seemed to go away.

Trigger warnings: Domestic violence, death by suicide, and fat shaming.

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