What a Creep Season 11, Episode 2: Eddie Mannix

This episode was inspired by the 2016 Cohen Brothers movie Hail Cesar which stars George Clooney, Scarlett Johansen, Tilda Swinton, and Josh Brolin playing a very fictionalized version of longtime MGM enforcer—Eddie Mannix. The film presents him as a lovable rogue and family man who has the tough job of keeping his stars in check. He was known as “the Fixer” and in reality, there was little to love about the man.

Mannix was a ruthless thug who would beat up anyone who caused him a problem and made some folks disappear altogether. He had plenty of enablers including Richard Strickling (MGM Publicity Director) and Louis B. Mayer (President of MGM and past Creep.)

Today, we are sticking to Mannix’s assholery with some of the creepiest moments in Hollywood legend.

Trigger warning: Domestic Violence, sexual assault, and murder


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