What a Creep Season 10, Episode 1: Tabloid creeps (Joey Buttafuoco & John Wayne Bobbitt)

Joey Buttafuoco

The name alone became a punchline—Buttafuoco!

In the summer of 1992, America was obsessed with this trashy tale from Long Island about a murderous teenager and her dumb, muscle pants-wearing lover.

This scandal had everything, sex, escort services, autobody shops, a Howard Stern interview, and secret videotapes which the tabloid media covered breathlessly for over a year.

Trigger Warnings: Sexual assault, grooming, and gun violence


John Wayne Bobbitt

In 1993, the John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt scandal was a tabloid dream come true. After suffering years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, Lorena cut off John’s penis. It was a sensational story, but what we missed in all the coverage was the fact that John Wayne Bobbitt was an abusive prick.


Trigger warnings: Rape, domestic violence, and penis removal

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