What a Creep Season 9, Episode 7: Peter Sellers

Peter Sellers was an English actor and comedian who influenced generations of legendary performers including The Beatles and Monty Python. Possibly known best by American audiences for playing Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies, he was an actor who was in the same league as Sir Alec Guinness with three Academy Award nominations in his career.

When he died of a heart attack at the age of 54, he was on a professional highpoint after starring in Being There as Chauncey Gardner, a simple man who enters the world of Washington DC politics.

But it wasn’t long after his death that his fans found out something that almost every single person who interacted with him—the guy was a huge miserable/abusive creep who attacked friends and family with his temper and unprofessional behavior. So, let us dive into the world of Sellers and his creepy ways.

Trigger warnings: Domestic abuse, verbal abuse, cruelty, and hearing about a miserable prick making his family life a living hell.

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