What a Creep Season 7, Episode 6: Ira Einhorn

Ira Einhorn was known as the pied piper of the Hippie movement in Philadelphia in the 1960s & 70s. He was embraced by the counterculture as well as local politicians. He was the person to know in Philadelphia if you wanted to mediate an issue. He claimed to be clued-in to the trends happening with the human mind 20 years into the future.

He was a part of the first Earth Day festival in 1970, was a hardcore environmentalist who ran “Sun Weeks” to celebrate solar energy. He was friends with CEOs and billionaires who were interested in his thoughts about the latest in computers, mind control, paranormal & psychic matters.

Ira was also an abusive narcissist who killed his girlfriend of five years, Holly Maddux in 1978, and managed to hide in France for several years before he was finally put away with a life sentence.

Trigger Warnings: Domestic Violence, murder, coercive control, smelly people, and delayed justice. 

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