What a Creep Season 3, Episode 5: Jian Ghomeshi

Jian Ghomeshi was once a superstar in Canada. He was in a popular band in the 90s that was nominated for Juno Awards and then as a CBC TV & Radio presenter. His talk show “Q with Jian Ghomeshi” was a huge hit across Canada airing twice per day with a popular YouTube channel and it aired on over 170 public radio stations at its peak between 2007-2014.

Then he was accused of sexual assault and battery losing his big gig and being a precursor to the string of men who would be indicted in the #MeToo movement that began in 2017. He tried to reshape his narrative with a factually challenged essay in 2018 which served to show he really hadn’t learned any lessons at all.

Then we talk about a Bay Area broadcaster who ISN”T a Creep!

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