What a Creep Season 1, Episode 9: OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson is one of the world’s most controversial people having been acquitted of a double murder and then found responsible for them in a civil trial. On top of that, he is a woman-abusing creep who owes millions to Ronald Goldman’s family. 

At one time he was one of the most beloved athletes, pitchmen, and sportscasters. Now he is a convicted felon for a robbery & kidnapping charge from 2007 and recently discovered Twitter. 

We talk about this man who went from living in one of the poorest neighborhoods in San Francisco to be the toast of Hollywood and now lives a cloistered life as an ex-felon. 

In this episode, Margo used the following sources:

And then we will finish this episode with Sonia announcing our “Who’s NOT a creep” this week. 

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